Do You Want to Win New Business and Increase Revenue?

If you want to win business and increase revenue, you will want to manage the knowledge in your organization and focus on core ingredients of growth. Intellectual capital is the most important source for sustainable competitive advantage, and for those who do it right:

  • 85% have increased repeat business.
  • 50% have won a major new contract.
  • 15% have started a new line of products.

The knowledge of any organization is found in its people, substantiated in its business processes, products, client interactions, and lastly its information systems. I offer cost-effective tools for program development, and with a mix of marketing, needs analysis, and project management, I expand your organization’s reach into new markets.


Some Logic to Help You

How many people might want to use your services...not today necessarily, but at some point in time? Thousands...tens of thousands...? A confluence of trends have redistributed power, and these trends enable more organizations to trade and interact with distant markets.

My services start with the belief that organizations will not be successful without engaged employees, and my services are designed to create value by leveraging an organization's intangible assets and intellectual capital.


You Have a Choice for New Business

  1. Identify your most valuable customers and respond to their needs. This is the fastest way (3 months) and the most cost-effective (ROI averages 10:1).
  2. Wait for stakeholders to become visible to you through RFPs, dissatisfaction, or changes in spending. This works too but it's risky and it takes longer (18 months on average).


Managers prefer repetition–it's less expensive and more predictable than a learning system focused on innovation and marketing. Employees prefer a variety of learning experiences but do not know very many outside of school (which is true), and they've been told it's the best approach (but it's not).


As you continue to think about strategic growth, take a look at some of the topics addressed in the articles listed in the left margin. They will help you decide the best way to proceed, and to arrange a time to talk about the details of your situation, send me an email.