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Study of Noncommunicable Diseases in Myanmar

July-November 2017 | HelpAge International, Myanmar

Developed two half-day workshops on Myanmar's public health research gap assessment. Prepared the structure for priority research agenda on NCDs in Myanmar. Created a survey, analyzed the data, and presented the  findings.

Professional Performance

March 2017 | Thabyay Education Foundation

These three-hour workshops are intended for students interested in an interpreting career and their instructors. Participants of the workshop can expect to learn warm-up exercises before public performances, articulate difficult sounds, understand that proper breathing patterns positively influence their performance, develop a process to overcome stress during performance, and improve professional presence.

High-Level Negotiation Seminars

November - January 2017 | Save the Children

Developed and facilitated theoretical and implementation seminars on negotiation skills. This training will help participants become more effective in their negotiation, particularly when: one party has more power than the other, the lead negotiating official doesn’t perform, the negotiation has reached a stalemate and can’t move forward, and one party does not respect the process.

Strategic Planning

September - November 2016 | UNOPS, LIFT


Organized a series of workshops to redefine vision and mission with Secretariat Team, Strategy Management Committee, and Donors for the years 2016 to 2020.

Counseling Skills Training

May 2016 | Yangon University


A two week interactive seminar for professional psychologists who are working with challenging patients within challenging work environments. The seminar included: Supervision, Case analyses, How to create healthy organizational environments, and Application of a life-course perspective.


Creating Story A Writer's WorkshopDouglas RughA Writer's Workshop

March 2016 | Professional Development


Developed and facilitated a four-week experiential course for professional communicators. The workshop sessions focused on methods for conveying information in compelling and interesting ways. The classic structure of story was explored, including: setting, character, plot, and point of view. Verbal and written exercises were used for a deeper understanding of the concepts presented.


Organizational Evaluation & Development

December - February 2016 | UNOPS, LIFT


Evaluation and organizational development for the Food Security Working Group, the largest NGO network in food security, rural development and agriculture in Myanmar. Reviewed current processes and assisted with the implementation of international best practices in board functions, governance structures, and organizational systems.

Program Design

August 2015 | World Bank


Developed a large five-year national program for the World Bank. Social accountability relies on the strength of the network of governments, civil society organizations and donor agencies organized within GPSA, to foster enabling contexts that can generate concrete solutions to complex governance and development challenges.

Overseas Health and Wellbeing Training

June 2015 | US Peace Corps


Prepared a cohort of 50 volunteers with the framework for preventing health problems. The training consisted of two parts. The first reviewed the concept of prevention and the importance of early interventions, and the second part, provided a series of practical that they will be able to use and develop immediately.



Increasing Research Capacity Program

May-June 2015 | Staff Development Series


This program provided senior researchers with a set of practical tools for the interpretation of empirical studies into feasible economic policy recommendations. The participants developed the knowledge and skills to write policy papers for publication. The program was structured using a mix of participatory presentations, assignments, and small-group activities. It was funded by Konrad Adenauer Stiftung.

Invitation to Present at International Conference

Apr 2015 | US Juvenile Drug Court System


This presentation was supported by Soros' Open Society and addressed the development, operation, and outcome of U.S. drug courts over their 30-year history. The presentation was translated into Georgian.

Health Systems Article Accepted in Journal

Apr 2015 | Social Policy & Social Work in Transition


A reviewer wrote, 'An interesting and original paper that would have interest for, and be relevant to both front line service providers and policy makers of interest to social workers, community development workers as well as health care professionals.' The title of the paper is 'A feasible strategy for improving population health in Georgia'.

CDC Training

May 2015 | 2 Weeks


For the FETP program, I developed and deliver 2-week intensive course to health ministers as part of an internationally recognized certificate of health leadership and scientific excellence. The participants of the course were from Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Armenia.



PMCG Research Strategic Planning

Feb 2015 | 18 Months


Performed audit of governance, communication, and fundraising processes in order to produce 18-month strategic plans for an economic think tank in Tbilisi, Georgia. Presented the plans to leadership and will Implement them over a 12 month period. This project was funded by Soros' Open Society Foundation. Their website reflects this work and it can be viewed here.




Presentation and Report to University of Georgia

Dec 2014


Review of the New Economic School capabilities for the purpose of understanding the best way to grow the organization. This document represents my recommendations for investing in a professional infrastructure that will give your organization the necessary tools to expand into the international marketplace at the commercial level while continuing to generate revenue from government contracts.

Website Development Presentation to American High School

Nov 2014


Invited to address website development for creating a high standard of communication.





Onsite Management Consultant for Geocell

Jul 2014 | 2.5 Months


The management coaching that we offer will help Geocell’s management become more effective in delegation, subordinate development, conflict management/resolution and subordinate motivation.



Interactive Teacher Training to St. George's Academy

Jun 2014 | 4 Weeks


For St. George's Academy, I met four times as a group, and observed planned interactive exercises in class. Used the workshops for professional discussions about what will and will not work with students, and designed the discussions to learn from colleagues. Listened and helped teachers integrate more interactive ideas, using my outside perspective to give you fresh ideas.

Training for Physicians at Aversi Clinic

Feb 2014


For Aversi, we used a systematic approach to professional development for improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the hospital with short-term training workshops that included assessments of future steps along as part of the training.



Published Book Chapter

Jan 2014


Since the mid-1990s, the Eastern European adolescent fertility rate has steadily dropped. In 2007, 28 per 1,000 adolescent girls delivered a baby. This was 65% fewer live births than among American adolescents, and 50 % fewer births than the average for rest of the world’s adolescents. In general, loss of population and decreases in fertility rates combine to decrease adolescent pregnancy rates. The number of children below the age of 15 dropped from 21 % in 1990 to 15 % in 2005. The Czech Republic’s rate is surprisingly low at 13 births per 1,000 (60 % of the average for all developed countries), and Bulgaria’s rate is surprisingly high at 46 births per 1,000 (5 % higher than the United States). The Czech Republic has an adolescent birthrate as low as the developed countries, and Bulgaria has an adolescent birthrate that is similar to developing countries. These two countries represent the extremes of social service management, and this chapter examines the Czech Republic and Bulgaria to delineate the cultural, medical, political, and historical influences on adolescent pregnancy in a region of the world, which emerged from a shared system of economic and political regulation.

Health Minister Training for CDC

Nov 2013 | 2 Weeks


At the end of the two-weeks participants understand the major components of scientific presentations—problem, hypothesis, sample, test, results, and discussion/recommendation. At the end of the class, the students will present a set of slides for review. Even if they do not have final content, they will have templates and an understanding of core components of their study.




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Douglas Rugh, PhD Professional & Personal Growth

Creating Story A Writer's WorkshopDouglas Rugh


Creating Story A Writer's WorkshopDouglas Rugh