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"THANK YOU - this is exactly the type of information I had been looking for (struggling, really) as I had been conceptualizing my working future."


Nicole Schaefer-McDaniel, Co-Chair


"Barbara was very happy with your feedback and guidance.  Thank you very much.  I think you strengthened the proposal considerably."


Liz Taft, MD

Director, Second Genesis

Organizations need to encourage efficient learning that includes lasting behavior change by considering the requirements needed for people to learn new methods of completing tasks.

  1. Individual Learning Plan. The best ones include matching tasks important to them, developing clear expectations, including oral, visual, and tactile styles of learning, and providing multiple opportunities to observe peers and role models.
  2. Exposure. In professional settings, exposure takes the form of workshops and professional discussion groups, availability of new tools, accessibility to new locations, and observational opportunity of role models and peer groups.
  3. Practice. Professionals can practice with new and various assignments developing new products, and being part of different teams.
  4. Maintenance. Individual coaching helps professionals increase their insight into the process of learning. This stage of learning focuses on reducing seemingly insurmountable problems into smaller solvable issues, allows the person to build on small successes as he masters more complex techniques, and corrects difficult emotions as they arise, re-framing problematic thinking and destructive behaviors.


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